31 August 2014

Kyburg Cup in Thun

The traditional Kyburg Cup will be played in Thun, Switzerland, from the 12 till the 14th September, with the following teams:

SC Thunerstern
Geneve RHC
RHC Basel
RSC Darmstadt
Switzerland u20
Germany u20

30 August 2014

Italy new u17 European Champion

The Italian u17 team got the European Championship after beating Spain in the final, after extra-time, with a golden goal by Barbieri, after a 0-0 in the regular time.

Final standings were:

1. Italy
2. Spain
3. Portugal
4. France
5. Switzerland
6. Andorra
7. Germany
8. England
9. Austria
10. Israel

Best scorer was Alexander Mount (England) with 10 goals.

Photo from CERH. Player Gavioli with European cup.

Spain and Italy will decide u17 title

The u17 teams of Spain and Italy got the right to dispute the european Championship final, this afternoon, in Gujan Mestras, after defeating Portugal and France, respectively.

Results of yesterday:

9-10th Austria 2 Israel 1
5-8th Switzerland 3  England (after extra-time)
          Andorra 2  Germany 1 (after extra-time)
1-4th Spain 2  Portugal 0
          Italy 3 France 1

28 August 2014

European u17 Championship: semi-finals defined

The semi-finals for the European u17 Championship are:

Spain - Portugal
France - Italy

and will be played tomorrow, in Gujan Mestras, France.

CA Unión Argentinian juvenile champion

The juvenile (u17) team of CA Unión got the Argentinian title after beating Petroleros by 5-1 in the final game. Third place was for Estudiantil Porteño.

In the girls competition, Maipu/ Giol got the title, after beating UVT in the final.

Photo from Diario de Cuyo

25 August 2014

European u17: 2nd day results

Results of the games of the 2nd day:

Italy  10  Austria  0
Spain  10  Israel  0
Andorra  0  Portugal  5
Germany  1   France 0

24 August 2014

European u17: 1st day results

Results of the first day of the European u17 Championship being held at Gujan Mestras, France:

Portugal 9  Austria 0
Spain  1 England  1
Italy 5  Switzerland 1
France 7  Israel 0

Académica de Luanda wins Tournament José Eduardo dos Santos

The team of Académica Luanda got the 13th Tournament José Eduardo dos Santos, after beating Juventude Viana (Luanda) by 6-4 in the final game.

Final standings of the tournament:

1 Academica de Luanda
2 Juventude de Viana (Luanda)
3 Spain u20
4 Sporting CP
5 1o de Agosto
6 Andes Talleres SC
7 South Africa
8 Ferroviario Maputo

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